Your 2023 Officers and Directors

Your 2023 Officers and Directors. We welcome your questions and input. Reach out to us today! Officers: Gina Boyleston: President 850.393.1154 David Dybas: Past-President 407.617.4253 Anne Nouri: Vice President 703.817.6499 Directors: Frank Trunzo 813.789.4227 Leah Gioia 850.418.8242 Barrett Palombo 813.618.2229 Sara Rose Bytnar 239.213.8685 Robert Almodovar 954.801.2497 Chris […]

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Auctioneer Marketing Strategies

“Just as marketing strategies and technologies are evolving, so are marketers’ roles and responsibilities,” McGowan said. “Adapting to new innovations is key to maintaining, and increasing, business success. Seeing that marketers are preparing for a role shift in 2016 is not surprising, but, rather, promising for the future of the industry.” – See more at:

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Networking Within The Florida Auctioneers Association

Networking is defined as the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically, the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. The Florida Auctioneers Association is an opportunity to leverage the benefits of networking to increase your business and become an effective auction professional. Discover the advantages of a professional, ethical,

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