“Just as marketing strategies and technologies are evolving, so are marketers’ roles and responsibilities,” McGowan said. “Adapting to new innovations is key to maintaining, and increasing, business success. Seeing that marketers are preparing for a role shift in 2016 is not surprising, but, rather, promising for the future of the industry.” –

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This is just a small piece of an article that I was reading on the blog from Website Magazine.  As we learn, we share.  This one statement is so appropriate for our industry and what we as the board for the FAA are moving towards.

This last weekend I learned another avenue in which to market our auction company.  In our industry we have to constantly search for both buyers and sellers.  The standard joke for our auction how is how to get “fresh meat in the seat”.  Since our primary focus is personal property, it is a constant challenge.  How many sofas can one customer purchase?  This weekend I was introduce to “Steampunk”.  Another genre or sub culture in a field of many.  To some it is a way of life and others it is art or an expression.  To me it seemed like a cross of  Johnny Depp- Willy Wonka and MadMax with a touch of Jules Verne and HG Wells.  Defined as being a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam powered machinery rather than advanced technology.   Think of it as being another genre market similar to the Civil War re-enactors, whom we contact when have Civil War items.  It’s all about dressing up, finding the right outfits and creating the toys to play with.  For us in the auction business, it is another avenue in which to market our business.  The more specific and targeted you get to what you are selling, the better the chance you have to bring the highest bid.  The rule of HIGHEST AND BEST USE helps with the value based on supply and demand.

While I was there at Renningers Market on Hwy 441 in Mount Dora, learning, I collected cards, made contacts and shared our business cards.   The thought being that on Tuesday morning when we do our row after row of household, garage and general minutia of life, we can attract the artists that need a large supply of the items.  If you have a moment, check out the Renningers.net and you can read and see photos.  It was a great and entertaining way to spend the day.  Enjoy the two website sites to check out how they can increase you knowledge.  Go out and learn, see and watch for opportunities to build your business and share on the FAA blog .  So now I will go off and try the hashtag  #steampunksupplies on my facebook for our next Tuesday auction.  Let’s see how that works.

ONE LAST REQUEST.  #usefloridaauctioneers  for the FAA and #auctionswork for the NAA  add any of your articles or to your posts on Facebook and other places.   More to learn-More to come.

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