Why attend FAA Events?

The Florida Auctioneers Association has its finger on the pulse of the Auction Industry at both the state and national level.  By attending FAA Conferences and other FAA events, members have the opportunity to learn best practices, keep up with current trends through educational seminars, networking with some of the best in the business and staying up to date on legislative issues that impact our Industry.  Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, regardless of specialization, FAA has something just for you.

Be Interested! Be Engaged! Be Involved!

What our members say:

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Since becoming a member of the FAA, I have chosen to attend the annual conferences and participate in as many activities as I can for learning and networking purposes. All the time and energy I have invested into the association has been well spent. I have gained what feels like decades worth of knowledge in a few short years thanks to my FAA family.

Robert Almovodar AE480, licensed 2015, Pembroke Pines

If your new to the auction profession you need help, whether you will admit that fact or not, history has shown that you do. For me, learning first hand from some of the best minds in the industry has been wonderful. Finding those people in one location starts at the Florida Auctioneers Association annual meeting. Within our association we have several National Hall of Fame winners, professional auctioneers who have been recognized on a worldwide basis from the National Auctioneers Association. These people are the icons of our industry. If you are serious about your career and want to be the best you can be, make sure to attend each and every conference. You'll be glad you did!

Craig Fleming AU4441 licensed 2012, Fort Lauderdale

The FAA provides me with a personal network of professional auctioneers-proficient in many different fields and specialties that I can both learn from and utilize to meet my clients’ needs. The FAA provides me with friends and mentors who inspire me, challenge me and keep me motivated to succeed in the Auction Profession.  The FAA provides me opportunities to constantly learn more about my profession, my clients and marketing their assets. The education gained from mentors and members as well as from speakers at the conventions keep me informed and help me grow my skills to better serve my clients.

Chad Johnson AU2947 licensed 2002, AB2921 licensed 2010, Chiefland
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