Our Mission:

The Purpose of the Florida Auctioneers Association is to support and educate members and consumers while promoting the value of the auction method of marketing within the State of Florida.

Here are some of the benefits of joining the FAA:

Intensify Knowledge

Exceptional educational seminars at events

Bid-calling contests – Become a State Champion Auctioneer

Learn new and effective ways to market yourself and your business

Stay up-to-date with all new and pending State Legislation

Improve Professionalism

Enhance your image by helping enhance the overall image of our industry

Work to understand all legal aspects of the auction business

Increase Business and Network

Our experienced membership is open to help others and share knowledge

Stay connected with our quarterly newsletter and email updates

Share your own knowledge with other auctioneers around Florida

These are very powerful reasons to join and be active in the Florida Auctioneers Association. Our Board is hard at work with strategic planning, updating our website, working with various providers to give our members advertising & credit card discounts and keeping a close eye on legislation that could impact the auction industry.

What our members say:

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I believe it is important to belong to our state association for three reasons. First, there is strength in numbers and the stronger we are the stronger our profession will be. Second, being involved increases our education, which broadens our scope of knowledge and allows us to grow professionally. Finally, the motivation from fellow Auctioneers to grow and achieve brings out the best in us all.

Chad Johnson AU2947 licensed 2002, AB2921 licensed 2010, Chiefland

As a young auctioneer, I have a lot to learn. I joined the Florida Auctioneers Association for the opportunity to learn from the industry leaders of my state. I have gained what feels like decades worth of knowledge in a few short years thanks to my FAA family.

Robert Almovodar AE480, licensed 2015, Pembroke Pines

If you want to become a Professional Auctioneer and successful business owner you need to surround yourself with those people who conduct themselves around a strong Code of Ethics, I found such strong leaders within the Florida Auctioneers Association, they are a first-class group of people, friendly, open and always willing to share their knowledge. It's an honor to call them my friends.

Craig Fleming AU4441 licensed 2012, Fort Lauderdale

Becoming a member of the Florida Auctioneer Association, being involved, attending the conventions and creating contacts with people who willing share was the best thing we could have done.  Dudley’s Auction now does over 150 auctions per year, in the auction hall, on site and on line.  None of this would have been possible without the opportunity to learn for the pros.  Now as one of those seasoned professionals I encourage involvement.  As a member and a leader, I assure you, it will be your best investment for your business.

Chris Dudley AU4239 licensed 2011, AB1667 licensed 1997, Inverness
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