Submitted by Myers Jackson, CAI, AARE, CES, ATS, e-PRO, President Elect (FAA)

Auction Industry Report

My fellow Americans, I come to you this evening with an update and auction industry report that the auction industry is alive and well. While I may not be the smartest man in the atmosphere, I know that smarter men such as Lincoln and Roosevelt would have chosen the Auction Method of Marketing as a first choice in the deposition of their assets when needed. We must come together as a nation and understand that auctions are not about agony and despair or how to get the lowest price, auctions are about fair market value and finding buyers that will make competitive offers and enhance visibility to more people than ever before. It will be our job as auctioneers to improve the visibility of the things that auctioneers do every day and allow folks to understand that we are more than just fast talkers. In the article,, I list at least 10 things auctioneers do each day and how the practice of auctioneering can elevate your resources enough to sell any product while creating a buyer pool that will follow you from sale to sale.

Auctioneers are on an educational path to learn more about using search engine optimization and understanding how social media works. This comes through attending seminars and taking the time to listen to top rated instructors that know and understand how to implement the tactics used by cutting edge marketing professionals to attract a steady stream of buyers that attend auctions in person or those who prefer to bid online by use of mobile bidding apps.

The Florida Auctioneers Association is paving the way for seasoned auction professionals to better understand modern technology, inviting new auctioneers with the encouragement to be a part of a stronger network in the auction family. With strategic planning, the Florida Auctioneers Association has and is continuing to develop a straightforward plan to increase opportunities for members. The annual conference and show held in mid-November will highlight leaders in the auction industry as well as outside professionals that are willing to share valuable knowledge to everyone that is willing to attend.

“Our goal is to improve education, networking opportunities, and consumer awareness of how Florida auctioneers are valuable resources,” says Chris Dudley, President of the Florida Auctioneers Association. “We want all auctioneers to not only understand their responsibility as auctioneers but allow everyone to feel they are a part of the family of auctioneers,” says Dudley.

In a recent meeting in Orlando, members of the FAA, Officers, and Board of Directors met to discuss the plan to further develop the goals and direction of the association. The meeting was led by Craig Fleming, a business management consultant and former CEO of well-known companies such as Thomas Kincaid. Mr. Fleming and the members who attended stepped through a tedious process that directs the future of the Florida Auctioneers Association.

As auctioneers, we all understand the necessity for strong leadership, as well as understand the opportunity to grow even stronger. However, as an organization we must all contribute at some level to ensure the survival of any strategic plan. At the entry levels, we must welcome our newest members and encourage all to join. With our membership drive now in full swing, it’d be the perfect opportunity. We must strive to encourage the seasoned professional to learn modern methods of communication and marketing using social media applications along with how to create and write unique content in blogs and articles. We must continue to provide a venue that allows for open discussion so that each member can be involved at his or her chosen level. We all must strive to be the best we can be in our profession and be that shining light so that others can see the auction industry is alive and well.

Many members of the Florida Association are also part of the National Auctioneers Association, this being another vital part of the auction industry. The NAA has continually developed educational opportunities, the best conference and show on the planet, and immense networking environments. The leadership is impeccable and the desire of each one on the national level is to promote the auction industry, report  and exclaim the full potential of every auctioneer in America. We are more than just fast talkers, we are PROFESSIONALS, and we are BUSINESSMEN and BUSINESSWOMEN. We all have fields of expertise and niche environments that propel the planet across all genres to be involved in bidding, buying, selling, attending, calling, or just telling your neighbor that an auction is in progress.

Live auctions, online bidding, the use of mobile apps, or any combination of the aforementioned is exciting during any auction so why not be a part of the most exciting profession in the galaxy. If you are an auctioneer anywhere, you can become a member of the Florida Auctioneers Association. If you want to attend an auction, then search for auctions in your community or an auctioneer to follow for the type of products, goods, or real property you wish to buy or sell. Check out TV programs about auctioneers like Texas Flip and Move, Storage Wars, or any other documentaries about auctioneers and their craft.

The Florida Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association want you to be involved in your town or state. Come join thousands across the nation where you can be a part of something bigger, learn more, and make new friends.

The State of the Union in the Auction Industry Report

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