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Dateline 1821; Jacksonville, Florida…the leadership of a small settlement near Cow Ford laid out plans for a town and named it Jacksonville {now acclaimed as the largest city on the world}, the city named for Andrew Jackson, a revolutionary war hero and great leader as a Major General in the battle of New Orleans and then  became the 7th President of the United States. Now we have all had the history lessons, we know the stories about how he became known as “Old Hickory”. He waged many battles for change, spoke his peace about controversial matters and he helped change the history in America forever. Learning to scrap at the drop of a hat, at the early age of 13 fighting in the right for independence he help propel an image to be forever grained in the mind of many that followed. However you see President Jackson, in controversy or compassion one thing is notable; the right to speak and allowing others to speak with voices of leadership with sprawling passion is “OK” while encouraging others to stand up for what they believe.

As leaders in this current day and time, we will probably will not see a real dual with real guns nor will race horses be used to prove points in the heat of passion. However we do have and will continue to hold debates on what the past dictates and most certainly will vocally debate future protocol within organizations far and wide.

Leaders are born of spirit; implementing ideas while propelling the willingness to help others develop and then exceed, passing their known capabilities. In many cases organizations have set forth protocol and because the protocol has been established some may feel reserved to speak or bring forth new ideas. The courage of leadership starts with the confidence to stand up, be decisive, promote justice, and deliver a message with tact, being unselfish, loyal to the cause with an enthusiastic delivery. The integrity that one must posses is immeasurable, being armed with knowledge they continue with traditions that have built legacies. Continually processing deep thoughts with appropriate judgment then holding the endurance to carry an organization into future endeavors. Leadership is not to be covered, leadership is not to be stifled, and notwithstanding leadership must prevail inside all organizations.

The beauty is that success starts with the leaders who are willing to accept change, willing to develop new strategies and willing to allow new ideas to expand into real time solutions. Positive strengths prevail as the organization grows.

The talks in the news lately within the Presidential realms are about dynasties and how the same groups mat tilt leadership in a monarchy rule. Many are in the fence about this, as I, the idea that a certain group is fighting to preserve the institution may be viewed as a grand stance of patriotism, while others see the position of self-preservation or self interests. I can certainly see both as a position that will be debated for a while to come. Going all the way back to the Adams Family…”noooo…no not President Herman Munster” I am talking about John and John Quincy, The first Farther and Son Presidents. These men were certainly patriots, just as most are in their leadership positions today. However we live in a continual era of spontaneous growth and with talented leaders emerging through out industries. There are new ideas in constant evolution and sparks of enthusiasm ready at the moment to display advancing techniques and new ideas. John Adams, 2nd President of the United States, well educated, a statesmen, diplomat and leading advocate for Independence from Great Britain was surely a cornerstone in the evolution of leadership helping to build this country. However he lost his second bid for the Presidency to none other than Thomas Jefferson, now we ask ourselves the question” was that such a bad thing?”

Today we all realize the powerful benefits of having great leaders present and past voice their opinions, giving vocal powers to those who follow with the courage to speak against adversaries, debate fruitfully among friends and carry on traditions with the steadfast desire to grow stronger. I commend the new leaders of our organization for caring enough to strengthen ties within, while walking the tight rope of tradition.

There are many in the 48-year history of the Florida Auctioneers Association that has certainly elevated the prominence and existence of the best Auctioneers in Florida. Just in the recent past, producing great stewards, bearing love for the institution and commitment to remain strong while caring for the existence of the organization. These attributes of loyalty have never gone unnoticed, nor shall they ever. Traditional values will always remain constant at the forefront of new leadership and the same leadership will bring new ideas to preserve the integrity of the past. Strong debates will continue to emerge and those duly elected will serve with honor, protecting the values so richly tended by those who have preceded us. We should all take note within the State and National levels that leadership is not a right…it is a privilege bestowed upon those willing to serve. The process is not designed for hand picked replacements nor suggestive roles, however the RIGHT of the members to support or defend the leaders of their choice. As we move through and enter new era’s of development, we all should be speaking for the Voice of the Auctioneer. We all have vibrant idea’s, we all have strong opinions and we have have the opportunity to lead our organizations with diligent care. As a member of several State Associations and the National Auctioneers Association, I personally strive to do just that…Myers Jackson, CAI, AARE, CES, ATS, e-PRO

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