All “Rose” and no thorns is now climbing to the top and a rising star in all circles of the Auction Industry, Sara Rose Bytnar is now competing in multiple levels within the profession. Not only as a business woman and Florida Champion Auctioneer she is also a top contender in the International Auctioneers Championship and took home the title Reserve Champion Auctioneer in 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky. As the first runner up to in the championship she will likely be right back in the mix of the worlds best women auctioneers come July. Now mind you this is just a competitive side of Sara, and with good reason, another Champion Auctioneer; Beth Rose just happens to be her mother and the first lady to be named Michigan State Champion and that’s not the end of the competitive story, both Sara and Beth compete against each other vying for the title International Auctioneers Champion. Of course all in good fun but serious enough to want to win the coveted title held by another member of the Rose Family, Pamela Rose, sister and aunt, won the IAC in 1998.

What honor this family brings to the present era of Auctioneering, upholding a long tradition of auction professionalism in a family business started by Mr. Dave Rose, the father of Pamela and Beth and of course grandfather to Sara. We all see a bright glow on their faces each time he in mentioned and the telling story is the standards he set and the tradition is carried on within the Rose Family of Auctioneers with sisters galore in the business, you have to check out Beth Rose Auctions.

Another attribute is the designation-program named the Certified Auctioneers Institute or commonly referred to as CAI. This prestigious group of Auctioneers study for three years, one week a year at Indiana University to attain the right to carry the designation, one distinctive award given is the Rose Award, named for Dave Rose, both have won this award; Beth in 2000 and Sara in 2012. What accomplishments this family has been able to achieve within the association and work they do. These accomplishments are representative with solid testimonies to not only family tradition but strong leadership traits as well.

In business the Rose Auctioneers are contenders as well, selling fine properties and luxury homes in over 13 states. They come to the table with dominating marketing plans and the perseverance to get the property sold for the highest and best price. A strong belief that the Auction Method of Marketing is a preferred method to sell real property has been proven thousands of times within the course of the Rose Family Business.

Sara Rose Bytnar an expert marketer, graduate form the Repperts School of Auctioneering and Hondros College for Real Estate and now currently a Real Estate Broker in Florida, a member of the Florida Auctioneers Association where she is also a member of the Board of Directors. Sara takes an active roll in the Association’s present trendsetting activities helping build a lasting future within the organization. As a Benefit Auction Specialist, BAS, she strives to continually serve her community, business and social networks performing in fundraising auctions. Speaker for National Auctioneers Association, State Associations and allowing her time to promote the auction industry at civic organizations, Sara follows a heritage worthy all attributes of the “Rose Family Legacy”

The title Florida Auctioneer Champion, International Auctioneers Champion, Rose Award Winner is certainly lofty goals to attain for any one in the business. And while the title may be won there comes additional responsibilities that one must carry while holding such titles. The character of an individual speaks volumes, the leadership abilities brings important attributes to a business or organization and the willingness to give of ones self is immeasurable. It is very safe to say that Sara is not only a champion of contests; she is a champion for the cause, and certainly a rising star in the Auctioneering Industry. Mrs. Bytnar commonly known in the auction industry as Sara Rose can never escape the past accomplishments of her families rich tradition, well all wish her well in her future success.

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