Message from the President…

Florida Auctioneers Association President, Myers Jackson, CAI, AARE, CES, ATS, e-PRO

I, Myers Jackson as the President, Florida Auctioneers Association say thank-you!

I say thanks for each one that has placed being dedicated to this association as a priority and future growth of the industry. As we are in the constant grip of change, we twist, wrench and try to resist, chalk that up to human nature. Yes, changes do start with new ideas and those new ideas resonate in the minds of future leaders as well as leaders that inspire such change.

As we move forward, I ask you to STOP… Stop and think how change may benefit the futures of Auctioneers with ever evolving technology, transaction capabilities or even how we focus on our future. STOP…Stop and think about how we got to the 50-year mark. At the recent conference and show in Orlando, Florida two Past Presidents held a roll call of fifty years of leaders of whom many saw as well as implemented changes in this organization. These past presidents were surely called and elected to serve in a path set to forward ideas, focus decisions and implement the inevitable course of change. Could they have even conceived the notion in 1967, that Auctioneers would be holding auctions using APPS? I would guess fifty years ago Auctioneers would have been looking for a spot to set up a tent, with the option to change their mind as to the position of the chairs as well as the setup location.

In 2017 each one of us will have to adjust, in some format to something planned and some unplanned. The current elected board now comes with new ideas and yes the implementation of change. I have personally known these individuals and most have served the past number of years with vigorous enthusiasm, voices that have aired differences of opinion, however serving through friendship combined with a strong sense of stewardship. There have been several newly elected members that express the same desire to serve, lead and will speak with a voice of change.

Change is not a devastating course of action, why if we didn’t change some Auctioneers may still be driving a 1967 truck equipped with a fold down canvas tractor cab as an auction topper. When I became an Auctioneer in year 2000 I did not attend my first conference until 2002 and during that period I remember Auctioneers talking about how they would not need a website. YIKES!

Now most are embracing the change we experiencing in marketing applications with a yearning to have access at our fingertips. We want immediate change and are not willing to wait for more than two seconds for a web page to change from one search result to another.  However, we still object to change in policy that may be outdated, or traditions that may take focus from years gone by.


Trust me I believe in tradition; however, I understand that the way we govern is subject to change. This involves attitudes, outcomes, appearances and results. Whatever adjective we assess to change we can be certain of one thing…it is going to happen. You the membership of the Florida Auctioneers Association have elected a capable board to serve as outlined in the bylaws adhering to a strong code of ethics… being willing to represent each person within the organization. Now speaking on behalf of the 2017 Board of Directors and Officers I ask you to be involved or this Association will surely change and you may not even notice. We welcome all voices, being for or opposed to. We welcome suggestions, ideas, involvement, actions with enthusiasm for these are elements within the equation of change.


Myers Jackson

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