All real property sales in Florida are recorded officially with the Clerks of the Court within the County where the real estate is legally located. Many transactions take place in other locations, maybe where a law office is located in another city or county, however the attorney that closes the transaction must deliver the documents to the Clerk where the official records are recorded and where the legal boundaries of the property are located. More information on how to contact a County Clerk of Court may be found at this web address Florida Clerks of County Courts

Auctioneers, Real Estate Brokers and Agents across the state of Florida sells real property on a continual basis. The fact is that the transactions are recorded in the same manner attached with a stamp and the payment of recording fees regulated by State Legislatures in Tallahassee , however the rules are the same for all the Clerk’s of Court, not matter what county within the State of Florida.

The Clerk’s of Courts serve many purposes, however the real estate division in many courts have a primary staff that only deals with the issues of real property records. Many forced sales, tax sales, court order sales are conducted by the Clerk of the Court. The FLORIDA STATUTE detailing the procedures of judgement sale can be found in the State Statutes. 45.031 outlines Judicial sales procedure and connects to other statutes that outlines how the clerks of the courts are charged to dispose of certain types of property in Florida.

Listed below are some recent sales that are recorded in the counties listed and these are the official results. Theses sales are not separated by who represented the sale of the property, only the details of the sale as to price, date, recording fees. The information is then transfer to the Property Appraisers Office for tax assessment, adjustments and tax break considerations. This is a separate office from the Clerk of the Courts, however the link below leads you to the record details that shows property sales, values and property information. There are links from the property appraisers site to the Clerk of Courts by giving the Book and Page where the deed is recorded in the Clerks Office.

Real Estate Sales in Florida Recorded with Clerk of Courts

Land Sale: Alachua County 20 acres,  373,000 at 18650 per acre, Open Land/Hay Farm

Land Sale: Lafayette County 120 acres,  240,000 at 2000 per acre, Timberland/Wooded

Land Sale: Putnam County  3.29 acres,  12,500 at 3799 per acre, Residential Lot

Land Sale: Hendry County 1135 acres,  3,553,900 at 3131 per acre, Improved Pasture

Land Sale: Lake County 56 acres,  450,000 at 8035 per acre, Vacant Residential

Land Sale: Leon County 152 acres, 650,000 @ 4276 per acre, Vacant Timberland

Land Sale: Gadsden County 50 acres,  291,900 @ 5820 per acre, Wooded, Partially Vacant

Land Sale: Suwannee County 51 acres, 122,800 @ 2407 per acre, mixed vacant wooded acreage

Land Sale: Columbia Count1001 acres, 1,575,700 @ 1574 per acre, Timberland/Swamp

Land Sale: Glades County 288 acres, 3,200,000 @ 11,100 per acre, RV, Golf, Acreage, Improvements

Land Sale: Collier County 904 acres, 5,088,000 @ 5628 per acre, Orchards, Groves, Citrus

Land Sale: Desoto County 20,015 acres, 45,701,000 @ 2283 per acre, Pasture, Open Land

Land Sale: Levy County 41 acres, 281,000 Just value @ 6853 per acre assessed, Timber, Vacant Open Land

Real Estate Sales in Florida Recorded with Clerk of Courts

Original Source for these land sales results were comprised from . Many members of the Florida Auctioneers Association are licensed auctioneers, real estate brokers and real estate agents and transacts real property sales across Florida. Many Auctioneers also sell personal property items in connection with real property, estate sales, bankruptcy auctions and foreclosure actions across the state.


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