A message from FAA President, Mike Garner

There are many things happening this year that make me proud to be your President. This board has concentrated a great deal of effort in giving great benefits to the members of the FAA.  But at the top of the list for me is the newly formed relationship with the Children’s Home Society of Florida.  This is the FAA. giving back to the community.  Tony Sudler, of the CHSFL, gave an eye opening and enlightening presentation about what the organization is all about.  I am very excited about the possibilities and opportunities to help this fine organization and the children of Florida they serve.  We presented a check to them for $5,000 at the convention and after hearing Tony Sudler’s presentation, all who were there agree that it is money well spent.

About Children’s Home Society of Florida 

Mission: Embracing Children. Inspiring Lives.

Their Dream:

  • To break the generational cycle of child abuse in more families.
  • To protect children from harm.
  • To heal children who’ve been hurt.
  • To create strong, stable families.
  • To help children grow up safe, healthy and prepared for life.

What Children’s Home Society Does: We protect and heal children. We build and strengthen families. We rescue and embrace teens struggling to survive on their own. We prepare youth for bright futures. Find out how we do it.

Research reveals that abuse is generational. So we declared our ambitious goal: to break this tragic cycle in more families. And we have. But we’ve done so much more, too – all because we believe kids, teens and families deserve the very best we can give. Check out what we’re doing!

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