At the recent National Auctioneers Association’s annual conference and show, Beth Rose was crowned Reserve Champion Auctioneer in the International Auctioneers Championship in Addison, Texas. The competition was filled with top auctioneers from across the country in the women’s division. As the finalist were named the sheer joy and excitement filled the auditorium with anticipation and the opportunity to be named champion. The interview questions helped prepare the judges to understand which auctioneer would be a representative and ambassador for the association. The top three auctioneers were named, Champion Tammy Island, member of the Minnesota Auctioneers Association, Beth Rose 1st runner up member to the Florida Auctioneers Association, Michigan Auctioneers Association and the Ohio Auctioneers Association. Emily Wears 2nd runner up, member of the Wyoming Auctioneers Association. All three ladies will represent each organization well. The Florida Auctioneers Association is natural blessed with such great talent and those who are willing to give back to the organizations. Please congratulate each winner as they are all champions for the industry. If you have never attended the annual conference and show please take the opportunity to join auctioneers from across the country next summer in Grand Rapids Michigan for a week of education, networking and industry news. To join the National Auctioneers Association please go to


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