Greetings to everyone,

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a safe, progressive start on all the challenges and opportunities that will appear as we focus on 2020.

As we move forward in looking at the new Legislative Session for 2020, there is a reminder of the recent past and the 2019 DBPR “workshop” called on short notice to direct the deregulation of many businesses and professions.  During the 2019 Legislative Session, a House Bill and a Senate Bill were pushed through all the Committees and died at the end of the session.  The Auction Industry in Florida did not take a direct legislative hit even though there was continuing effort in the House to deregulate the entire auction profession.  Through the efforts of some of our members, we were able to survive that battle but we knew the relief wouldn’t last long.

Now, as most of you know, the attack is back but channeled a little differently.  Information was emailed  to each member regarding Senate Bill 474 sponsored by Senator Ben Albritton and proposing to eliminate the Auction Business Licenses.  The language of that bill would require that Auction Businesses are owned by a licensed Auctioneer.  While there could be some positive side to that approach, the fact remains that the Auction Industry is still in the cross-hairs of the legislative scope; our profession is still one of the targets for deregulation.

Even though we have an opportunity to read the details of Senate Bill 474, we’re not aware of a companion House Bill that parallels the same changes.  However, House Bill 707 “Occupational Regulation Sunset Act” takes a different approach but, still means Deregulation of many Businesses & Professions.     We know that the “deregulate attitude” prevails with this administration and the continuing efforts of the Florida Auctioneers Association are important as we make our annual trip to Tallahassee to remind our Senators and Representatives that the Florida Auctioneers Association is alive and well – ready to assist if needed and ready to continue providing professional Auction services to the citizens of Florida.

Since 2020 Legislative Session convenes in January (Tuesday, January 14th) the date for our 2020 Legislative Day (Day on the Hill) is much earlier than usual and is planned for Wednesday, January 29th.   We plan to meet at 8:30 on Wednesday morning, January 29th, in the House of Representatives Cafeteria.  We will organize teams for the day and we’ll have some handouts and maps for each person present.  The Teams will have a list of Senators/Representatives offices to visit and with proper planning, we will cover the entire list by the end of day.

We NEED participation from all members (and Florida licensees who might have an interest in becoming a member).  To make the Day on the Hill successful, we encourage you to:

  • Clear your calendar for January 29th (and the day before if you need to do that for travel)
  • Contact fellow auctioneers in your area to encourage participation (possible carpool)
  • Contact your Senator’s and Representative’s local office NOW  to let them know that the FAA will be visiting Tallahassee on January 29th and you look forward to seeing them in Tallahassee on January 29th.
  • Contact Angela to let her know that you will participate in the event on January 29th. Or RSVP on the FAA Facebook page.

In closing, I’d like to thank all our members who have continually worked to keep us on track with Legislative issues.   I’m looking forward to seeing you in Tallahassee on January 29th.     Please contact me, Angela, Chad or Robert with any questions you might have regarding the FAA’s Day on the Hill.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes,


Don Cotton CAI, CES
Cotton & Associates Auctions, LLC
Pensacola, Florida.

Don serves as Director for the Florida Auctioneers Association and is Chairman of the FAA's Legislative Committee

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