Happy Holidays!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Florida Auctioneers Association we wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year as we enter into 2019.

Over the past several months since our Fall Conference your Board has been working on the 2019 Annual Strategic Plan for the Association. We are currently meeting each month to identify how we can make the Association better for all members.

During our conference this year we held a feedback session where we asked participating members to give us suggestions on what the Association could do to bring more value to it’s members. Outlined below is the list that was created from that session. Currently we are prioritizing a list of our Top 10 items and will publish those in the next newsletter along with other key elements of the Strategic Plan.

Florida Auctioneers Association Strategic Planning Feedback Fall Convention 2018

“How To Bring More Value To Members”

  1. “Sexy” Up The Convention/Make It More Exciting
  2. Create a Membership Directory-Hard Copy- Mail Out
  3. Training on Auction Opportunities/How To Make Money in the Profession
  4. Better Promotion of the Convention
  5. Mailings to All AU and AB’s Members
  6. Touch Members More Often/Teasers
  7. Create More Content and Value
  8. Local Personal Contact With Members
  9. Mail Hard Copy Newsletters To Those That Want Them
  10. Reach Out In Dire Times/Hurricanes Check On Members
  1. Conduct Surveys using Survey Monkey of All Members
  2. Increase Dues- It’s Been A Long Time
  3. Wave Dues For First Time Attendees
  4. Create Value then Communicate it
  5. Market the FAA Better
  6. Incentivize Attendance/NAA $300 Voucher Program/First 3 Years
  7. Florida Auction School Reach Out
  8. 1 on 1 Contact With Members Is Important
  9. NAA Snowbirds- Identify Them and Invite to Conference
  10. Better Location of Conference For Kids
  1. CE Credits
  2. Reciprocity Seminars
  3. Auto Pay Option On Annual Dues
  4. More Committees/Volunteers
  5. Mentorship Program
  6. List of Membership Benefits Outlined
  7. Chat Forum For Members: Face Book
  8. Distribute a Nugget a Month
  9. Re-Visit Revenue Streams
  10. Promote Bid Calling Contest


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