The Florida Auctioneers started the annual conference with the Roll Call of the Presidents. To put it another way, the 50th annual conference rolled in with two pioneers of the Florida Auction Industry positioned to speak. Marty Higginbotham and Benny Fisher calls roll for 50 past presidents of the association. The announcements start the annual conference on the other had the names of leaders since 1967 shared the moment. Then Marty and Benny names each one with a short bio. In all, each person highly recognized for many achievements of the past half century.

The Florida Hall of Fame inductees of the past includes Walt Driggers, Don Shearer, and H. Fred Dietrich, III. The Hall of Fame Award distinguishes the recipients within their piers for remarkable service. Given these points, many more did receive this honors since 1985. Announcing the newest member, Michael Moecker spoke of a lady truly above reproach. Rose White was astonished as her name is called. Being overwhelmed, Rose accepted the award as the tears of joy reflected in the eyes of many friends with standing ovation. By the same token other recipients of the Lewis C. Dell honor recognized Rose then accepted her into a realm of a named few.

The education was overwhelming. With illustration of the UCC present, Mike Brandley holds everyone’s attention while speaking with authority on the matter. Mike continually expressing the importance of understanding how verdicts were decided over the last 100 years in the auction industry. The experiences of many auctioneers before us may have paved many roads to success. Others mistakes help many to learn and understand the necessity of the law.

Joseph Mast being well known to many in the industry focused on how to differentiate yourself as an auctioneer. As a well know car auctioneer at the world-famous Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, Joseph states he does not like to be know just for that. The title follows him and he is well suited for the position. However, he being an acclaimed horse auctioneer in the Fasig-Tipton arena, also a credible real estate auction company. Many accomplishments adorn this world champion in multiple categories. The International Auctioneer Champion also winning the World Automobile Auctioneer Championships.

Scott King taught us lessons from granddaddy. The 100-year-old auction family experience fills the air as Scott talks about his family legacy. For a century J.P.King Auction Company draws crowds with fine attention to luxury real estate. The legacy of understanding people deemed apparent as Scott beamed with laser focus in the values he was taught. Scott well represents the industry that he has been a part of his lifestyle involving many generations of auctions.

Recapping the conference, the participation was overwhelming. The best attended in several years. Handshakes confirming friendship. Smiles filled the space between words of welcome. As has been noted after the roll call of presidents, Past President Jim Gall sold two items for charity. Jim is the only three time Florida Champion Auctioneer. He still demands the money in flamboyant fashion. Networking is a staple of each annual conference consequently there was no shortage of making deals.

More importantly the business of the association was front and center. Most noteworthy, the nomination committee held interviews for prospective candidates to head association leadership. Moreover, a slate of new officers was elected. The entire list of new officers and directors may be found at

The tradition of Auctioneers has been long and steadfast for 50 years. First of all, reaching all the way back to 1967. Now auctioneers sell items in many categories within todays markets including online sales. To summarize, auctioneers conduct business across the state of Florida with enthusiasm and professional attitudes.

Florida Auctioneers sell real estate, residential, commercial and land.

Estate Auctioneers conduct business across the state.

Art Auctioneers demand marketing price plus for valuable work.

Cattle Auctioneers sell purebred and common livestock in many market locations.

Auto Auction Companies employ some of the finest auctioneers in the nation.

Attorneys hire Auctioneers for bankruptcy work, selling for many courts.

Many professionals sell personal and business items for thousands of customers each year,

Especially revenant, Auctioneers maintain a license to work within the state.  The licensure regulates the actions of each auctioneer, The Code of Ethics within the Florida Auctioneers Association regulated the conduct of Auctioneers. Given these points, subscribing to a strict adherence professionals in the association is well received by its members.

At any rate the Auction industry in Florida is alive and well. Hence, if you are an auctioneer that is looking to enhance your career consider joining the association. If you are member of the association, consider being involved in the leadership or association organization. If you are a member of the public, consider speaking to a member of the FAA. To resume, hiring a professional with ethical commitments will be important.

It takes a community, lets each of us set the stage for excellence during the next 50 years in the Florida auction industry.

Myers Jackson CAI, AARE
Florida Auctioneers Association
President, @

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