My First Florida Auctioneers Association Experience

My first Florida Auctioneers Association experience was very warm feeling. I felt welcome by everyone there. The speakers were great and kept me interested in their lessons. Plus “The Bug” is real and I was bitten!

I use the term warm because to me warm means comfortable. Walking in the Florida Auctioneers Convention I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know many people and didn’t know what they would think of me. Within the first hour I felt like I was apart of the crowd, People were smiling and shaking my hand. Starting to introducing their self to me and sparking up conversions. They gave me advice which I thought was great because I’m fresh in the business. I was told to “Be a spouge.” and “Soak up all the information I could.” Because it would help me in the long run. And I took that advice and ran with it! I took notes in every class or seminar there was.

The speakers were awesome! I got to learn from some of the best in the business. Joseph Mast, The Chief Auctioneer for Barrett Jackson told us to be our self because only you can be you and you can’t be anyone else and told us how we present our self showed people the confedence we possess.  Mike Brandly taught us some of the laws behind the business. He told us the right and wrong way to do things and somethings that might not be wrong but you just don’t want to do because it could be bad for business. Scott King Talked about the lessons he learned from his granddad which I can relate because I’m learning from my dad.

I could learn from all the speakers. I’ve always felt like I had big shoes to fill being the son of Myers Jackson but Joseph Mast told us to be our self. I didn’t know any laws of the business and Mike Brandly told us about some of them. Scott King told us the assistant should do more than just look for bid and help before the auction actually starts and I didn’t real know that.

I kept hearing about this “Bug” and everyone there has been bitten. It sounded funny at first but as time pasted I found myself wanting to be more involved after the conference was over I was kind of sad because I wanted more and all I want to do is work an auction. I’m itching for more so I’d say “The Bug” bit me too

Anyone who is in the business or interested in the business of being an Auctioneer and hasn’t been to their state convention should attend. The people there are great and it is very educational. I gain knowledge from the convention will help me throughout my career. Also I’d like to thank Beth Rose who sponsored my membership to the National Auctioneers Association! I can’t wait for the convention.

The photos originally included with this post have been lost.

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