Why Should You Join The Florida Auctioneers Association?


Why should you join or renew your membership in the Florida Auctioneers Assciation?

We have always maintained thet FAA members, through their membership, have have elevateted themselves and their businsesses to a level above their competitors. That's why FAA members are considered the preferrred auction professionals in the marketplace.

Listen to what our members have to say about the value of membership.

The words "education", "comradery", "networking", "value", connections", "training", "referrals", are recurring themes and the list goes on... Our active memers are the best representitives of the value that membership in a state organization can add to your auction carreer both professionally and personally.

The FAA is active in advocacy for the auction profession in Florida.

Our annual Legislative Day or "Day on the Hill" involves meeting with lawmakers in Tallahasse to insure our voice in any upcoming legislation that could impact the auction industry. We also keep members abreast of any new law changes, rulings and other legislative issues through regular updates via our information channels that are available to members.

We would love to have you as a new or returning member and work with yu to take your carreer and business to the next level in 2019!