Legislative Day “Day on the Hill” 2019

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A Letter from Don Cotton, Director, Florida Auctioneers Association


Greeting to everyone,


Hoping that you’re doing well in the New Year and are busy with plans for the Spring and Summer.

As we move forward in looking at the new Legislative Session for 2019, there is some reflection on previous times when we were dealing with the uphill battle of fighting a House Bill that would attempt to deregulate our Auction Industry.   Through the efforts of some of our members, we were able to survive that battle and declare a victory, even though we suspected the relief wouldn’t last long.


What are Licensed Auctioneers in Florida Facing in 2019?


Now, as most of you know, the attack is back but through a different front.  Previous newsletters and special attention email this calendar year were sent to inform all our members of the Governor’s Boards meeting for all or many of the regulatory boards.

Our Florida Auctioneers Board was one of the many regulatory boards that were called into a special “discussion and planning session” earlier this month.  That session was for the members of the Auctioneers Board but technically open to the public.   In addition to the members of our state board, we had two members of our Association who were able to attend – Thank you Craig and Allen.

We have not received an update as to the outcome of that meeting or the next planned steps at the State level but we suspect there is strong interest from the new administration in revising and/or reduction the regulatory status of the Florida Auction Industry.  There were some proposals and some discussion but nothing that has been finalized yet.

Currently, we’re not aware of a Deregulation House or Senate Bill but we know that one could pop up at any time.   We know that the “deregulate attitude” prevails with this administration and the continuing efforts of the Florida Auctioneers Association are important as we make our annual trip to Tallahassee and remind our Senators and Representatives that the Florida Auctioneers Association is alive and well – ready to assist if needed and ready to continue providing professional Auction services to the citizens of Florida.


How Can FAA Members Get Involved and Participate?


The date for our 2019 Day on the Hill is April 11th.  We will likely meet at 8:30 on Wednesday morning, April 11th in the House of Representatives Cafeteria (this may change as we get closer to show time and everyone will be notified via e-mail).  We will organize teams for the day and we’ll have some handouts and maps for each person present.  The Teams will have a list of Senators/Representatives offices to visit and with proper planning, we will cover the entire list by the end of day. 


We NEED participation from all members...

...and Florida licensees who might have an interest in becoming a member.  To make the Day on the Hill successful, we encourage you to:       

  • Clear your calendar for April 11th (and the day before if you need to for travel)

  • Contact fellow auctioneers in your area to encourage participation (possible carpool)

  • Contact your Senator’s and Representative’s local office in January to let them know that the FAA will be visiting Tallahassee on April 11th,

  • Contact Angela at director@floridaauctioneers.org to let her know that you will participate in the event on April 11th.


In closing, I’d like to thank all our members who have continually worked to keep us on track with Legislative issues.   I’m looking forward to seeing you in Tallahassee on April 11th.    

Kind Regards and Best Wishes,


Don Cotton 

Cotton & Associates Auctions, LLC

Director, Florida Auctioneers Association