Florida Auctioneers Week 2020

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Florida Auctioneers Week 2020 in 3 Easy Steps
Win $250!

Florida Auctioneers Week 2020 is January 26th through February 1st. This week will coincide with Legislative Day that happens on January 29th.
This social media campaign will highlight FAA members, their families and businesses. The purpose of all of this is to help educate the general public, potential buyers and sellers about the auction method of marketing in Florida. is This promotion would also be used as a tool to introduce non-member auctioneers to the FAA.
 As an added incentive to FAA members, the association will be offering a couple of PRIZES for participating members. These prizes include: 

  • $250 Cash Prize 

  • Free 2020 Conference Registration

  • Free 12 month Featured Member Status on floridaauctioneers.org


Step 1

Renew your 2020 membership or sign up as a new member. (Life Members are already considered eligible members). Button links registration page.




Step 2

Add the custom FAA Facebook frame on your Facebook profile picture. 
Click HERE or the photos below to add the FAA frame to your profile pic.




Step 3

Watch the drawing 
The drawing for prizes will be LIVE on the FAA Facebook page on February 3rd at 8:00pm EDT at 8pm. 




Thank your for participating! Be sure to use the hastag #FAApro on your social media posts!