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Zoom Meeting, Thursday, June 25th, “Online Auctions; Platforms, Practices, Challenges & Profits”

Online auction large ggaphic

Join fellow auction industry professionals for a LIVE panel discussion on
Thursday June 25th at 3:00 EDT. The topic will be:

"Online Auctions; Platforms, Practices, Challenges & Profits"

New to Online Auctions? Looking to Fine-Tune Your Skills? This is a Must
Attend Zoom! All are welcome to participate
The call is FREE from the Florida Auctioneers Association. You do not need
to be a member to participate.

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COVID-19 Safety and Best Practices for Auctioneers


Most of us are having to adapt to a new reality and develop new processes due the the COVID-19 virus. 
Government mandates, as well as common sense safety protocols are limiting the way some of us do business. 
As an association, we will try keep you updated with information pertinent to our industry and


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Deregulation Update 2020

Deregulation 2020 29

Greetings to everyone,

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a safe, progressive start on all the challenges and opportunities that will appear as we focus on 2020.

 As we move forward in looking at the new Legislative Session for 2020, there is a reminder of the recent past and the 2019 DBPR “workshop” called on short notice to direct the deregulation of many businesses and professions.  During the 2019 Legislative Session, a House Bill and a Senate Bill were pushed through all the Committees and died at the end of the session.  The Auction Industry in Florida did not take a direct legislative hit even though there was continuing effort in the House to deregulate the entire auction profession.  Through the efforts of some of our members, we were able to survive that battle but we knew the relief wouldn’t...

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