Frank Trunzo, Director


My name is Frank Trunzo and I am blessed to be an auctioneer. I’ve been asked to write a Bio and as I look over my past experience and qualifications, I realize I’ve been fortunate enough to have a very successful career. With over 4000 auctions nationwide, I’ve learned a lot. As Head Auctioneer for Concierge Auctions, I’ve had the opportunity to sell over a billion dollars of the most beautiful homes on the planet, in some of the most exciting locations on the planet and met some of the most interesting and successful people on the planet. I’ve been an auctioneer for the largest equipment auction company in the world and major auto auctions throughout the US. I’ve owned and operated several art and antique auction galleries, a public auto auction and equipment auction yard staging multi-million dollar sales plus an on-site auction service. My clients include State, City, and Federal Government Agencies, banks, leasing companies, investment firms, accounting firms, bankruptcy courts, private individuals and many others. I have worked with non-profits and charities raising over 25 million dollars including the Symphony, Opera, Ballet, Art Guilds, NFL, Special Olympics, and many more. I’ve had some exciting experiences and memories, but the time I’ve shared with my fellow auctioneers, (often referred to as our auction family) will always find its way to the top. I’ve found we all share a common goal to do the right thing, play fair and respect each other. There exists an undeniable kindred spirit amongst us. As I’ve said, I’m blessed to be an auctioneer and so is my family. I welcome the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors of the F.A.A. I have only one goal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .to achieve yours.