Alan Frenkel, CAI, CES, Director

627 East Washington Street
Orlando, FL 32801
321-710-3494 (Mobile)


Greetings Fellow Auctioneers!

This is the best way of hearing from me because otherwise it might be in my capacity as grievance committee chair for the FAA, but I’ll get to that in a little bit. I have had the privilege of being an Auctioneer in Florida since 1993 and a Real Estate Broker since 1995 and spent 22 of those years working with a valuable mentor and colleague honing my skills as an auctioneer. After an amiable split, I now own my own firm, Alan Frenkel Auction & Realty, and continue to expand my markets from my home base of Orlando. While the majority of my auctions are Real Estate related, having sold a golf course for $6.9 million, a Victorian mansion, acreage, residential lots and numerous other projects my interest in the industry came from my studies of the fine arts in Paris, France. As such, I have sold just about everything from the fine arts to cattle, antique cars to tractors and Tiffany art glass to pots and pans and was happy to do it all.

The path I chose was always guided by the premise that I was fortunate to have found this industry and that I would strive to leave it in as good a shape or better than I found it. To that end I value my relationship with the NAA and the FAA because the educational opportunities they have afforded me have greatly enhanced the services I provide my clients. While I can maintain my individuality, I can depend on the historical wisdom of those auctioneers before me and allow their history of success to benefit me and my approach to excellence within the trade. I carry the CAI and CES designations and have attended the AMM and AARE classes, as the scope of our industry is expanding and I have opted to participate as opposed to sitting on the sidelines and watch as the industry launches itself into the future.

Now back to the grievance committee for a brief moment. There is no room in our world for scalawags. The auctioneers that I have met are appalled by the actions of a few who try and skirt our Code of Ethics and take advantage of the public that has embraced the auction industry. Fortunately, I have needed to speak to only a few unhappy sellers and most have found resolutions with the auctioneers they felt wronged by. There are the occasional complaints where the individuals have had to file suit. Be the standard bearers for the industry. Conduct good business, get good results and create examples for those who follow in our footsteps. If you do that, then calls from me will be social and over a cold ice tea sharing auction tales.  Thanks for allowing me the chance to serve you as a FAA board member.