Jim Ferrell

Jim Ferrell's Fun Live Auctions
14637 Potanow Trail
Orlando, Fl 32837
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Jim Ferrell is a fun speaker who speaks on time management, customer service, how to get a job, auctions and probate liquidations for which he is America's #1 speaker.

Jim Ferrell's Fun Live Auctions is the 2009 GigMasters Rising Star Award Winner for The Nations Top Auctioneer! This is in the Specialty Performer Category.

Jim Ferrell is a licensed Florida Auctioneer. A license is required in Florida if any compensation is given to an Auctioneer, as in just about all states.

As a public speaker, Jim Ferrell speaks on his three books:
"The Time Devils: Sex & Drugs" A Godly Student Orientation: How to Get More Studying done In Less Time
For businesses, it is the best time management presentation ever!

"Get BIG Crowds" How to Get BIG Crowds for Your Events

"Outrageous Customer Service for Bodacious Profits & Hilarious Fun"

"You're Hired! How to Get a Job" Great for putting employees in the right job for them and you hiring the right employee for the right job. This saves employers thousands of dollars yearly.

In addition to these, Jim Ferrell speaks on real estate, auctions, foreclosures, probate and how businesses can use up-to-date social media.

Jim Ferrell is very experienced at selling from the platform, and for doing presentations at conventions and trade shows.

Jim Ferrell can talk fast to read off names at awards ceremonies which takes the bordom out of your events. 

Then to, Jim Ferrell can auction something that you can get donated at the speaking engagement. This will normally pay for his fee and make you a profit. This makes the entire engagement a lot of fun and inexpensive!

Convention and benefit charity auctions are two of our specialties here in one of the largest convention areas in the world. We do "play money auctions" where promoters give out play money to their staff depending on their yearly sales and they use it to bid on the items that were collected for the auction. Then to, we speak at the pre-auction events to promote the auction or to sell the promoters items from the platform. 

Jim Ferrell has done hundreds of fun live auctions including real estate residential, commercial, and luxury houses. Going along with this, Jim Ferrell and his top rated crew have done their own
invention of short sale auctions and Sunday Home Auctions.

In addition to this, Jim Ferrell has done many probate auctions and estate liquidations.

The real benefit of auctions is that you are taking something that has to be liquidated and getting the best price that the item or real estate will bring that day, and finding a happy buyer for it.
It is a win-win-win situation for the seller, buyer and auctioneer.