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The annual Day on the Hill: our “Trip to Tallahassee” is scheduled for Wednesday, April 12, 2017.  This event is for ALL members of the association and provides an opportunity for you to visit your Senator and Representative in his/her Tallahassee office, as a part of the organized trip.  Given the current bills in both the House and the Senate to Deregulate the Auction Profession, is it vital that we all support our association and our industry.

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Quick-Look comparison between Real Estate Licensees and Auctioneers


Quick-Look comparison between Real Estate Licensees and Auctioneers

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Auctioneers Life Lessons

Craig-fleming-auctioneer-by-myers-jackson -1024x681

This article will be the first in a series of life lessons I have learned over the past 50 years, yes I am now officially considered an old guy but in my mind and in my heart I feel 46 and I’m sticking with that age for the next 50 years. Throughout this series you will find that I like 4 letter words, they are just easier to understand for most of us.

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Florida Auctioneers Association President, Myers Jackson


Florida Auctioneers Association President

Message from the President…

Florida Auctioneers Association President, Myers Jackson, CAI, AARE, CES, ATS, e-PRO

I, Myers Jackson as the President, Florida Auctioneers Association say thank-you!

I say thanks for each one that has placed being dedicated to this association as a priority and future growth of the industry. As we are in the constant grip of change, we twist, wrench and try to resist, chalk that up to human nature. Yes, changes do start with new ideas and those new ideas resonate in the minds of future leaders as well as leaders that inspire such change.

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Florida Auctioneers Convention Experience: My 1st time


My first Florida Auctioneers Association experience was very warm feeling. I felt welcome by everyone there. The speakers were great and kept me interested in their lessons. Plus “The Bug” is real and I was bitten!

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Florida Auctioneers: Why join an association some members may ask


My first Florida Auctioneers Association experience was amazing! On the first day I was greeted by what seemed like every member of the association with a hand shake or even a hug. I’ve never been surround by complete strangers and felt so much at home. I’d met several past presidents and also learned a little history behind the association, which I thought was really cool beings that it was my first time.

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Andy Shetler named Florida Champion Auctioneer


The Florida Auctioneers Associations meets on an annual basis and then as called by the President and Board of Directors for special events. During the annual conference the Auctioneers gather to honor Past Presidents, Hall of Fame Inductees, and the prize that many endeavor to take home is the the title of Florida Champion Auctioneer. This years top bid caller is Mr. Andy Shetler, Missouri native and Florida Resident. 

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Auction Business in Florida is Big Business

Florida-auctioneers-association -2

Another year is passing and the annual conference with the Florida Auctioneers Association is closing in. This year’s event will be held in Orlando, Florida, at the Rosen Center. Just off International Drive with all the attractions close by including restaurants and shops galore. Ok so why Orlando?  Well for one it is the center of the state and the board of directors debated this looking at all angles. The common sense thought was to have the conference located as central to everyone as possible, yes we all know some are closer, just like Auctioneer Alan Frenkel.

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Fun Auction with Florida Auctioneers

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This year we are excited to celebrate the FAA’s 50th Anniversary with a Conference and Show packed full of Speakers and Seminars that will further our education in the field that we are so captivated by. Well hold on, we have to have our fun too, Right? During our dining and after the bid calling contest and presentation of awards, we will have the Fun Auction with Florida Auctioneers.

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